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Magnetic Compass

Magnetic Compasses

Our wide range of magnetic compasses are suitable for both commercial and leisure installations. Available in Binnacle, Bulkhead, bracket and flush mount configurations.

Marine Pelorus


The Autonautic Peloruses have a gimbaled bearing marked in one degree increments. The gimbals are weighted for stability, and overall construction is of aluminium and polyamide.

Transmitting Compass

Transmitting Compasses

By the addition of an NMEA pickup coil out commercial compasses can be converted to a transmitting magnetic compass (TMC) with direct NMEA0183 capability.

Clocks and Barometers

Clocks & Barometers

We can supply nautical themed clocks, barometers, thermometers and hygrometers in a range of sizes and finishes. Finishes include; gold plated, chrome and matt black.

Hand-held Anemometer

Hand-held Anemometers

A selection of atmospheric instruments including products that provide wind speed only through to devices that measure wind speed, temperature and humidity.

Navigation Instruments

Navigation Instruments

A range of navigational charting tools for both the professional and armature navigator. The range includes parallel rules, rolling rules, dividers and chart plotters.

Field Compasses

Field Compasses

Outdoor compasses for the amateur or professional. Range includes baseplate, mirror and hand bearing compasses along with a selection of precision clinometers.



Fixed clinometers for monitoring inclination and ensuring safe limits are not exceeded. These items are suitable for mounting to vessels, vehicles or equipment.