Nautical Clocks and Barometers

Nautical Clocks

Nautical Clocks

We have a wide range of nautical themed clocks in varying sizes and finishes. Sizes range from 72mm dia to 220mm and finished include gold plate, chrome and black.
Aneroid Barometer


A selection on aneroid barometers with sizes and finishes to match the nautical clock range. All barometers measure within the range 960 - 1060hPa.
Mechanical Thermometer


Our range of metrological instruments is further extended by our selection of thermometers. Available in the same sizes and finishes as the clocks and barometers.


Our selection of metrological instruments is completed with the hygrometer range . These are also available in the same sizes and finishes as the other instruments.
Clock And Barometer Set

Clock And Barometer Sets

Clocks and barometers from the Minor, Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean ranges fixed on attractive wooden mounts ready for hanging.
Combined Instruments

Combined Instruments

Combined instruments provides an elegant solution for weather monitoring. They comprise a set of meteorological instruments mounted within a standard clock.
Weather Stations

Weather Stations

A selection of weather stations, ranging from elegant wood mounted instrument for interior use to functional metal mounted outdoor weather stations.