Magnetic Compasses

Binnacle Mount Compass

Binnacle Mount Compasses

A range of compasses suitable for pedestal or deck mounting. Available in 100mm and 140mm card diameter with illumination and compensation as standard (Except CHB).
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Bracket Mount Compass

Bracket Mount Compasses

Bracket mount compasses offer a versatile mounting arrangement to suit a wide range of applications. Sizes range from 85mm class B to 120mm class A compasses.
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Bulkhead Mount Compass

Bulkhead Mount Compasses

Although predominately aimed at the leisure market the Autonautic bulkhead compasses are SOLAS compliant so are suitable for lifeboat installations.
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Flush/Surface Mount Compass

Flush/Surface Compasses

Flush mount compasses are suitable for installation on consoles or steering pedestals. Models are available with flat or conical cards to cater for all viewing positions.
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Boxed Compass

Boxed Compasses

Boxed compasses are ideal for spare or emergency compasses. The compass is self-contained in its own box. All models are SOLAS compliant so suitable for lifeboats
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Table and Reflector Compass

Table & Reflector Compasses

A range of class A magnetic compasses suitable for commercial vessels under 150grt and 35 meters. Compasses can be fitted with optional TMC sensor (NMEA0183).
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Steel Hull Vessel Compass

Steel Hull Vessel Compasses

A selection of class A and B compasses suitable for installation on steel hulled vessels. Compasses are supplied with B, C and D (quadrantal) correctors as standard.
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Roofline Compass

Roofline Compasses

Roofline compasses are an ideal solution when console space is at a premium. Roofline compasses are mounted entirely within the wheelhouse - no deck penetration is required.
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Bespoke Compass

Bespoke Compasses

By combining standard components we can offer custom compasses for specific applications. Options include inclined panel mounting, side brackets and custom cards.
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