Pacific 120 Barometer

Pacific 120 Barometer

Manufacturer: Autonautic Instrumental

Model No: B120D



Finish: Gold Plated
Dial: White
Mechanism: Aneroid


Dial Dia: 95mm
Base Dia: 120mm
Depth: 35mm


The Pacific 120 is a mid range size of instruments suitable for leisure craft and small commercial vessels. The range comprises of three instruments; clock, barometer with integral thermometer, and clinometer. Each is available in three finishes ; gold plate, chrome and matt black. All models in this range have a white dial whilst the clock has the option of a traditional Roman numerals dial or Arabic numerals with the radio silence periods marked.

These instruments are suited to medium sized pleasure craft and small commercial vessels.

For commercial vessels these instruments can proved a compact set of the four traditional instruments of ships clock, radio room clock, barometer and clinometer (IMPA codes 370204, 370201, 370247 and 370241)

Theses instruments are supplied with a wall mounting ring to aid installation.