Baltic 110 Barometer

Baltic 110 Barometer

Manufacturer: Autonautic Instrumental

Model No: BBP



Finish: Black
Dial: Black
Mechanism: Aneroid


Dial Dia: 100mm
Base Dia: 110mm
Depth: 40mm


In contrast to the fine finishes of the other groups of instruments, the Baltic range provides a rugged alternative. The range comprises of five instruments; clock, barometer, thermometer, hygrometer and clinometer. These units are supplied with black polyamide case providing high durability and strength. The instruments have a black dial with white lettering.

These instruments are suitable for siting both indoors and outdoors..

For commercial vessels these instruments can proved a rugged set of the four traditional instruments of ships clock, radio room clock, barometer and clinometer (IMPA codes 370204, 370201, 370247 and 370241)