C15 Binnacle Mount Compass

C15 Binnacle Mount Compass

Manufacturer: Autonautic Instrumental

Model No: C15-0050


General Details

Mounting: Binnacle Mount
Body Colour: White
Illumination: 12 - 24v
Height: 140mm
Width: 150mm

Card Details

Card Style: Flat
Card size: 100mm
Graduation: 5.0 degrees
Card Colour: Black
Lubber Lines: 1


Compensators: Yes
Cover: Included
Clinometer: N/A


Standard: ISO 25862 Class B
C of C: Yes


The C15 compass is the smaller of the binnacle compasses manufactured by Autonautic (The larger version being the CHE). The compass is available in a range of colours and card styles.

Terminology for these type of compasses varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but generally these compasses are accepted as being suitable for direct mounting on the deck, coach roof or other flat surface. This style of compass can also be mounted atop the steering pedestal.

The binnacle name is derived from the old style compasses that were mounted in their own protective housing. The old style compasses were externally gimballed and required a housing to protect the mechanism from the elements, this is not necessary on modern bowl compasses. However the name has stuck.

The C15 range is Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98 EC approved making this compass suitable for installation as a lifeboat compass in accordance with SOLAS regulations.