CHB Binnacle Mount Compass

CHB Binnacle Mount Compass

Manufacturer: Autonautic Instrumental

Model No: CHB-0090


General Details

Mounting: Binnacle Mount
Body Colour: Black
Illumination: Optional
Height: 230mm
Width: 195mm

Card Details

Card Style: Flat
Card size: 100mm
Graduation: 2.5 degrees
Card Colour: Black
Lubber Lines: 1


Compensators: No
Cover: Included
Clinometer: N/A


Standard: ISO 25862 Class B
C of C: Yes


The CHB-0090 Compass is based on a traditional design of lifeboat compass. The unit comprises an externally gimballed compass enclosed in a weather proof ABS binnacle. Lighting is provided by a clip-on waterproof illumination unit - this may be stowed separately when not in use.

Although most lifeboats are fully enclosed now, there is still a demand for this classic style of compass and it would meet the requirements for IMPA code 330211 "LIFEBOAT COMPASS 100MM, WITH COVER".

This compass has Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98 EC approved making this compass suitable for installation as a lifeboat compass in accordance with SOLAS regulations.