C8 Bracket Mount Compass

C8 Bracket Mount Compass

Manufacturer: Autonautic Instrumental

Model No: C8-0027


General Details

Mounting: Bracket Mount
Body Colour: Black
Illumination: 12 - 24v
Height: 175mm
Width: 180mm

Card Details

Card Style: Conical
Card size: 100mm
Graduation: 5.0 degrees
Card Colour: Black
Lubber Lines: 3


Compensators: No
Cover: N/A
Clinometer: Integral


Standard: ISO 25862 Class B
C of C: Yes


The C8 0027 bracket mount compass is one of our most popular and versatile work boat compasses. The compass is based on a vertical bulkhead style of compass so can be viewed from a wider range of angles. In particular, this feature allows the compass to be mounted above eye line and thus the compass can be mounted from the wheel house deck head or roofline. This can be advantage when space is at a premium or when magnetic interference precludes mounting a magnetic compass on the console.

The 100mm provides good clarity at long distance making this compass suitable for a wide range of wheel house configurations on small to medium sized workboats.

The compass is available in black with a black 100mm conical card. Dual voltage illumination is fitted as standard. Internal compensation is not possible on this model

The C8 range is Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98 EC approved making this compass suitable for installation as a lifeboat compass in accordance with SOLAS regulations.