C12 PLUS Flush Mount Compass

C12 PLUS Flush Mount Compass

Manufacturer: Autonautic Instrumental

Model No: C12 Plus-0020


General Details

Mounting: Flush Mount
Body Colour: Black
Illumination: 12 - 24v
Height: 60mm
Width: 152mm
Panel Hole: 112mm
Depth Below: 55mm

Card Details

Card Style: Flat
Card size: 85mm
Graduation: 5.0 degrees
Card Colour: Black
Lubber Lines: 1


Compensators: Optional
Cover: Included
Clinometer: N/A


Standard: ISO 25862 Class B
C of C: Yes


The C12 Plus is a versatile class B flush mount compass suitable for both commercial and leisure vessels. The compass is available in two sizes; 85mm and 100mm diameter cards.

The flat card design requires that the compass be installed close to the helm position and low down, for example when the vessel is helmed from the standing position. Typical applications would include being installed on the navigation console or sitting atop a steering pedestal.

The compass features a fairly wide flange so it can be a good choice when replacing an existing compass - the flange sizes allows installation where a large aperture has already been cut or can be used to cover fade marks on the console.

The compass is available in black with dual voltage illumination as standard. Compensation is available as an option on the larger 0021 model

The C12 Plus range is Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98 EC approved making this compass suitable for installation as a lifeboat compass in accordance with SOLAS regulations.